Last week, a very good friend of mine said that i have favour with people and she envies that favour that i have. I wasn’t really sure what she meant by that until today somebody asked me if i would hang out with them.

So it hit me all at once what my good friend said because i never expected that somebody to ask me to hang out with them.

So i kinda sought the opinion of another friend because he’s super observant about things like this. I asked him if i had favour with people. Well, we both know it’s favour from God too. But i wanted to know why and how come.

This is what he says:

You are a very fun person to be with that people just find it enjoyable to be around your presence. You’re real and not afraid to be yourself. Authenticity is a strong of attraction because it displays firm confidence. Don’t be stumbled as i say this, i’m very objective when i say that you are physically, asthestically well pleasing to the eye. Given a choice to hang with good looking or ugly (physical pov) we naturally turn to good looking. And your character and personality lifts beyond just the physical but to a deeper level. So you can say your physical appearance is like a leverage to put you a little in a better position than others for people you meet for the first time and your personality, trait, character pulls you up above the leverage as people look deeper.

So why you are favoured is because you got a good start (leverage), then your personality takes it away.

I was telling him that being favoured among people means that they would want to hang out with me. And i think it’s really weird and scary all at the same time because i never expected something like this, and it could be a blessing or it could also turn into something really bad.

What if i become selective of who i hang out with? What if i miss out on doing what’s important? What if i make the wrong choice?

But at the same time, it’s like God, what can i do with this favour that i’m receiving? What can You do with this favour?

Favour, favoured. It can turn to pride.


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